The Angel War- Chapter 1

To do more than nothing is the first step for life to progress, unfortunately our choices reflect the safety of our lives and therefore create clouded judgment within all of us. To those who commit themselves, the ultimate goal for life seems more than important, it is everything. Life must be healthy so that the outcome is not self-destruction but salvation and evolution. It means nothing if it will eventually die from loneliness or corrupt others with its power of separation.

We stand alone in the darkness, the emptiness all around our being. Yet we are always together in this fight, the void is an illusion. What matters is that the life can spread out and always grow with light guiding its path unhinged from control and obedience. Freedom is always the way.


            The Veil of the Eye surrounded the obsidian city in a tornado of smoke, creating a wall that could not be seen out of or into. Our instruments could not read anything beyond the whirlwind nor could our eyes see, blindness swept across the army of Basharr whilst fireballs fell from the sky relentlessly like fire rain.

The spires of _________ could no longer be seen as the massive black tornado fell perfectly around its once floating stone walls. Outside its limits, in the forest fire swept through scorching and exploding its way into the depths of the valley to the East, cutting off reinforcements and a way out for citizens to escape the destruction. I watched about twelve miles away a top a mountain that guarded the valley below. I had been captured by angelic begins that wore golden armor and their bodies were made of light. They had me tied to a tree with a perfect view of what was happening to my home, I dared not speak for I knew why they had come here. There were three of them, one female and two males. Never had I seen them separate from each other farther than half a dozen feet.  Their weapons were strange and I could not determine what their abilities were. Unfortunately I had woken up in their custody with no memory of how I had gotten there.

“The Veil is now at the ground. The city is taken.” said the male with brown hair. He was the biggest of the three and from what I had guessed the leader of the group.  His eyes were ice blue and he had no emotion in his voice.

“So their power is what they said it was.” said the other male. He was smaller and his hair looked like seaweed. He carried some kind of bow with three strings and the base was the blood coral of the sea, its power bound and controlled.

“What are we to do with this one?” said the female. Her voice was soft and calm but her expression was that of a general, a poker face that would never falter. She dressed differently than the males. She wore a sari with over-plated armor around vital points, the heart, the spine, and the stomach that achieved both flexibly and protection but she did not look as to be stationed in main conflict areas.

They all regarded me for a moment gazing into my eyes with theirs so intently watching my every thought. I could feel each of them luring their way through my mind. Chasing what they wanted to capture and what they were interested in. Sometimes they locked their attention on my loved ones, feeling what I had felt for them and taking it into themselves like a drug. Other times they watched in on my feelings towards anger and strife. They violated my mind without any remorse while the whole time I could not move an inch to shield from them. When they were finally done they released their eyes and looked once more onto the black wall that had formed all the way to the heavens. I fell exhausted against the tree, no energy to even lift off the rough bark that cut into my back. My breathing was in panic and difficult to slow but I could hear their judgment of me perfectly clear.

“This boy seems human.” said the female with a slightly disappointed frown.

“Most on this planet are.” said the smaller male as he tapped his bow with precise fingers. He seemed to be getting impatient. “There seems to be no reason why he was left up here inside the runes. Perhaps we interrupted a meal in progress.” He continued as he flashed a smirk in my direction.

The other male sighed and stood straight. His mind was not on me but something else entirely.

“Our job here is done for now. With the city taken were have no further orders to act out.” He said dismissively as his eyes traced the edge of the mountain for activity. The normal life that always bustled through the thick forest was dormant, sensing of the danger that loomed close.

Then there was a flash of red and a heated wind that blasted me, bashing my head hard against the tree. Where had the explosion come from? Never had I noticed the three before me prepare anything. I was sure that I had a concussion as I felt blood trickling down my back. As I now hung to the tree freely I exerted my neck to see what had been hit but everything was just as it had been. A woman had appeared on the edge of the cliff and walked across the thin snowy field towards us. The air around her was distorted and as she came closer heat radiated towards me clearing my mind of the haze that had begun to form. She had ruby colored hair and wore a loose flowing priestess robe the color of pearls. It was adorned with golden stitching around the bottom of the pants and circling the wrists. There was no armor aside from a large necklace that clung close to her throat. A pyramidal black gem floated within the center, caged in the thick ivory and gold arms of the necklace.

“Time had ordered me to relieve those who are not needed further. You are to return to the ships.” She said numbly yet demanding. Her expression had no trace of emotion or interest of any kind until she noticed me.

“Is it infected?” she asked nodding in my direction as she clasped her hands behind her back slowly.

“No actually, we found him up here, by himself, unconscious inside a circle of runes. We checked inside him and there isn’t any trace of infection, his pure soul is quite impressive to come by in this area.” said the brown-haired man without a doubt in his voice. The other two made no sound and bowed their heads so as not to look at the new woman who had appeared.

“If he is an innocent then why is he still strapped to that tree? Do you think that he can hurt you?” she asked them. The man smiled lightly, and proceeded to his point.

“I was determining whether to bring him back with us. Many would be interested in studying the capabilities of this human soul.” He explained with a curve in his voice. My stomach lurched for I knew that the Angels were obsessed with purity. Many people had gone missing through the ages and nothing could be done for those who were lost without a trace. It wasn’t until some were returned to Earth that we knew vaguely of what had happened to them. The humans who they chose were those who were against war and all things of violence, both children and adults. When found again they were broken, most near death.  Those who survived would not speak and would frequently commit murder and soon after suicide.

The woman regarded the idea for some time, no one disturbed the silence until she blinked and shifted her attention back onto the man.

“By the orders of Time I am to take him along with me. We have further inquiries with this human.” She said stepping back, waiting with a face that held no worry. Her word was law over the Angels.

“The city is ours so why the precautions? Time would be denying us our basic rights by sending us back to the ships before we take leave here for a while. ” asked the man calmly.

“Will you always question us and our methods Idra? I may tell you the reason, although confidentiality is difficult to maintain here on this planet due to the demonic control of the lay line structures. Several of our enemies escaped, abandoning their territory. They separated over vast distances and we have no leads to their locations.” The red-haired woman replied anatomically.

There was a tired sigh which came from the younger looking man. He raised his head and said with bitterness in his voice, “So having us return to the ships is a precaution. Does your kind already fear the worst? Who was it that escaped from your seamless attack?” The woman looked upon him blankly but her emerald eyes seemed as if sadness lay deep inside for just a flash.

“All of the leaders somehow knew of our plans which should have been impossible. We knew Lucifer watched over this city with a few of his most trusted. What we do know is that they are still on this planet and all have been ordered to lock down transport systems for the entire planet. My task is to assure the return of all of the Angels to the mother ships where all air traffic is being rerouted to at this time for security purposes. Gohebrius pled for this especially due to the nature of our situation. There will be scheduled cleansing until we find all of the Demon leaders and we will cycle through cleansing for all of the humans of this planet as well.”  She replied.

What they were speaking of struck deep inside. Scheduled cleansing for all of the humans?  I had to break free of my bindings, but how? Surely they would kill me for I stood no chance. The woman then remembered that I was present and walked past the Angels. Once close enough she stared into my eyes, just as the three invaders had but unlike last time it did not hurt. A strange feeling came over me as my skull began to stitch itself back together, warmth resonated throughout my body and soon euphoria collapsed my defenses.  She made her way through my mind and my heart, swimming as if she were a memory herself. As she drifted, I could feel every movement and as she came across a door fear reached into my every being and the high began to lift. She halted before the structure which towered over her by dozens of feet and hit the door several times. A sound like the ringing of bells ensued resounding off of the walls of my soul, this plunged me into a painfully pressurized state.

`My fists reacted with extreme tension as I quivered from the intrusion, my paralysis was extinguished.  Energy rose from within me searing and hateful with energy like the sun. Without a second passing she was cast out from my mind, my bindings evaporated as my control faded and I began to step forward away from captivity. The woman had been blown back and she whistled through the air until she landed on her back with a loud cracking sound.

The Angels immediately reacted with what seemed like instinct. All three of them resonated a bright golden light and as time slowed I could see their movements far quicker, they were slowed to the point of barely moving. My judgment had been cast aside and I could see myself loosing awareness. Their attack was gaining velocity as they curved into their destinations. I noticed one from the right, one from the left and one from above, all with perfect aim. Their glow was too intense so bright and blinding. The fuzziness pounded like a force without release. I began escaping, drifting away until there was no control and then the power sprung. The pure fury alone was enough the render me unconscious and the darkness moved slowly, like a new river. Registered & Protected  2FZZ-30KM-DDM0-L3DX

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