Angels & Demons Introduction

Many thousands of years into the past of the Elementals Saga, there was a great civil war between a race of aliens known as the Angels. The war was called Everto & Angelus Bellum by the humans and Elementals that were involved.

The Angels are a race of extraterrestrials that live on the planet of Alazrion close to the center of our galaxy. They are non physical entities and resemble electro-magnetic fields. They are an extremely ancient race and are very complex thinkers. They can communicate with other races telepathically and can manipulate a physical being’s mind. They do not have very many emotions that they can feel. The Angels value information and unity. They are similar to a bee hive along the lines of every soul working in unison for the good of the hive.

What started the war was that the Angels believed in the free will of all races. But when some of the Angels discovered the peaceful planet of Earth the Angels that tried were able to completely take over a human’s body through their mental port, the brain. They became completely addicted to the strong emotions and feelings of the human race. The Angels that possessed the humans bodies also became individuals, gaining awareness of being alone and in control of themselves. When they were ordered to release the unknowing human’s minds they refused to comply, which was unheard of among the Angels race. As the rebellion grew, the Angels labeled the traitors “Demons” and were ordered to exterminate them.

As war set in the Angels realized that it was impossible to fight the Demons effectively as they were inhabiting physical bodies while the Angels were as immaterial essences. So the Angels began to ask humans if they could borrow their bodies in order to stop the Demons from doing horrible things in the human world. The humans who’s bodies were used were given great power among the humans as gifts and were known as great rulers and protectors to some of the human races. The power was known as magic and some of this magic was passed down through the generations of humans.

During the late part of the war beings called the Elementals became involved as the  war ranged out of just the Earth’s atmosphere and a city of Atlantis was destroyed on the peaceful planet of Incendius. Registered & Protected  CJY4-1FR1-Y0SR-FQOS

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