About Me:

        Hello my name is Errika and I run Incendius Phasma. I usually blog photos on Tumblr but I have taken an interest to true blogging and wish to expand my knowledge in it. This is because there are so many events happening right now in our world that are like… You just cannot ignore some of the shit happening.  For example the Middle East situations are crazy with how they link up to the Bible and other for-telling texts that are related, no matter which region they come from on the planet. (I know that this is not very deep but is my first writing post.) The UFO events have been increasing as well and are interesting in how the qualities of video have become. I mean, how can all of the thousands of UFO videos/ sightings be fake or graphically designed and tampered with. That sounds impossible to me, especially with so many different kinds from in our atmosphere to outside it near the sun. Just check You Tube if you have not seen this trend because it will floor you. I am not saying that this is a good thing or a bad thing but there is something going on with this subject people……seriously look. Haha talk about random but I guess that is how I am. The subject of (UFO/Aliens/Muli-Dimensional Beings) is a constant favorite of mine as it has been since I can remember. I love how it ties into everything 🙂

       Anyways I live in Bradenton, Florida and despise this place. Do not ever move here if you can help it . This place is where old people come to die….there are just so many of them and no jobs lmao. As I watch from this bubble I see so much corruption from inside and outside and I cannot help but notice.

What interests me:

  • World Conflict & War
  • Ancient Discoveries
  • Human Rights
  • The New World Order (NWO)
  • Lucifarian Rituals/ Illuminati
  • HAARP/ Weather Modification
  • Multi-Dimensional Beings
  • Demonology/Negative Polarity Beings/ Possession
  • Governmental Brainwashing
  • UFO Sightings On Earth/ Space
  • Extraterrestrial Abductions/ Teleporting
  • Dimensional Theory/ Frequecies
  • Sacred Geometry/ Sound Waves
  • Astronomy & Astrology
  •  Making Connections

2 responses to “Introduction

  1. YOU’RE Incendius Phama? What a freakin’ SMALL world this is, indeed! Well dear Errika, I think next time I run into you, we’ll have a plethora of things to discuss. Damn!

    • Yes lol and as you can see I haven’t had much time to do just about anything on my wordpress. I am looking for another job >shhhh<. It is just hard to find one that pays around the same as racetrac. I bareley have time to read my freaken emails XD

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